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Author Topic: GREENING 2010  (Read 3362 times)
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Desert Rocks
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:59:18 PM »


Desert Rocks is seeking to be Utah’s first “Zero-Waste” and 100% renewably powered music festival!

We understand how crucial it is to protect our natural playground and by developing a sustainable festival, Desert Rocks hopes to set a precedent in the music community. 2009 marked the inception of Desert Rocks’ sustainability program.  We had an aggressive recycling collection program, used a small biodiesel blend in our generators, offset our carbon, and used reusable cups for beer instead of disposable ones.  

The wonderfully conscientious Desert Rocks community demonstrated such a positive response to greening initiatives last year that we decided to take it up a notch in 2010.  With every decision we make, Desert Rocks is committed to becoming good stewards of majestic Moab, minimizing our ecological footprint and leaving a positive legacy both in Moab and the greater music community.  

ENERGY All onsite festival production and operations will be powered with 100% renewable energy: biodiesel and the sun.  This will cut pollution, reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and invest into our local economy.

Biodiesel B100 will be used in all festival generators and onsite maintenance vehicles.  All of our biodiesel is hand made from waste vegetable oil in Park City, Utah.  

Solar Power We welcome the Sol Lun! The electronic village is 100% solar powered by the Solar Saucer, transported by biodiesel and constructed of 100% refurbished materials.  

Transportation Emissions created in transportation to and from the festival can create even more pollution than the festival itself.  To conserve, we encourage all patrons to carpool, bus or bike.  Check the Desert Rocks community ride board to make connections.  

Carbon Neutral Although we are using renewable energy to power the festival, there are still some harmful green-house gas emissions that remain from transportation and the burning of biodiesel.  The festival will document all production, operations and staff transportation emissions generated in 2010 and offset them through the Clean Air Conservancy.  You can offset your transportation carbon for $3 at the Greening Tent.  

WASTE The Desert Rocks community did an amazing job managing waste in 2009, diverting 45% of all festival waste from the landfill!  In 2010, we strive to divert 50% of festival waste from the landfill.  We will accomplish this goal through waste reduction and waste recovery.  

   Waste Reduction We are trying to cut festival waste significantly by encouraging reusable beer cups and providing water stations for free use with a reusable container.  We are also encouraging all vendors to use durable service ware instead of disposables.  You can help reduce your waste too:

•   REUSE your beer cup all weekend.
•   Use DURABLE materials / utensils at your campsite.  Bring and reuse durable cups, plates, pots, and bags instead of disposables.
•   FILL your water containers at the water truck instead of bringing in single-use water bottles or packaged water.
•   Styrofoam is banned from the festival site.  

  Waste Recovery Of the waste produced, we are trying to recover as much as we can through recycling and compost collection.  Thank you to Moab Solutions for helping us fine tune our recycling program and Sol Foods organic farm for helping us put our compost waste back into the ground!  

•   The venue is a ZERO WASTE ZONE, which means that everything inside the venue can be recycled or composted.  No need for landfill trash bins.  
•   WASTE STATIONS are distributed throughout the campsites where you can sort your own recycling.  There is a different colored bin for aluminum, plastic, glass, compost, cardboard, and landfill.  
•   Put your WASTE in its appropriate PLACE.  Desert Rocks can only be green if each person does his/her part.
•   For waste management at your CAMPSITE, each car entering the festival gate will be given a different colored bag for each stream of recycling and one for landfill trash.  Each day we ask that you drop you full bags of recycling at your nearest waste station.  
WATER Desert Rocks is providing plenty of safe, sustainably-sourced, local water for everybody at the festival!  There will be an accessible water truck next to the venue and water jugs in the venue for free use with a REUSABLE container.  You don’t need packaged water.   Single-use water bottles plague music festivals, so do your part by bringing your own bottle!  
STEWARDSHIP We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to fest in sacred Moab.  Let’s treat her with respect and follow the Leave No Trace principles www.lnt.org.

•   Plan ahead and prepare
•   Travel and camp on durable surfaces
•   Dispose of waste properly
•   Leave what you find
•   Minimize campfire impact
•   Respect wildlife
•   Be considerate of other visitors

What else can you do to contribute to a GREEN Desert Rocks?

•   Purchase a GREEN ticket!  The additional $3 invested in better greening initiatives.  
•   Join the GREEN Team!  We are scouting out 20 committed individuals who are interested in contributing to the sustainability of the festival.  
•   Contribute your ideas. Contact goinggreen@desertrocks.org.

Check back to learn about the 2010 Greening excursions and onsite activities that are currently in development~  !

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Zero Hero is coming back!?!

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You guys are on it, go Mother Earth!
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The Desert Rocks Sustainability Program is looking for about 20 individuals to participate in the Green Team in 2010!  This year the Green Team will be a small, communal team of well-trained, passionate and creative individuals.  All positions require previous green team experience and/or knowledge in sustainability systems, recycling, Leave No Trace, environmental education, outreach or equivalent leadership skills. 

Roles include:

Waste station educators
Leave No Trace campsite outreach and crew
Lead recycling coordinator
Transportation coordinator
Energy assessment coordinator
Green Auction coordinator
Lead organics coordinator
Green Tent info booth

Benefits include:  a full four-day Desert Rocks Music Festival pass, Green Team T-shirt, free workshop in recycling management and education, Leave No Trace training, and a chance to become an active part of the Desert Rocks community and network.  Coordinator positions provide an opportunity to develop leadership and project development skills and may be maintained in future festivals.   Lead organics and recycling coordinator positions have a small financial compensation.
If interested, contact goinggreen@desertrocks.org

Much love!!

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